Soulart – a journey of creative expressive Transformation

– which for me is a way into healing

A sacred Gateway to dive into the depth of the inner being and understand me as I haven’t before.
Seeing and perceiving Art as the language of the Mystery and my inner Soul can ignite change on all levels.

Soulart is diving into my depth and my psyche and understand myself as I have not before.

Have you discovered the Magic and power of an intuitive Art Process?

Expressing that which is there and has been there all the time.

That’s Love.

Come with me through a whole Transformation Art Cycle






I tell you a Secret.

There is a powerful and unique creative capacity in you.

A Gateway to your Roots. The roots to all pleasure and pain. To Life and Death.

Do you dare to go on the journey of your Life? The revealing Mystery of your Being?

Do you dare to let Love be your Guide and your Body your temple?

And do you dare to fully live yourself? To express yourSelf truely and honestly? to embody what you are here for? in each moment. however this may look like?

Yoni Art is a way of living. Living Yourself. from the Roots and Core of your Being. Your Yoni.

Welcome beloved! this is HOME.




The intelligence of Life.. of Love.. of the Universe..the Cosmos expresses itself in all we ARE, in all Creation and Destruction.

This is the Cycle of Life. And this is Yoni Art.

Yoni Art is to express my inner nature, the genius of our being.

It is to deeply feel and respond to Life from an open Heart and a soft Belly —

Expressing the Intelligence of the inner body through an creative and intuitive Art process is like entering into a healing temple. It is the transformation from the inside out and a bridge between the inner and outer dimensions.

To express from the unique creative capacity of the Yoni is a sacred Gateway to the Divine.

Revealing our inner landscape.

Expressing myself from the Core into my Life is the Canvas for the wisdom unfolding in me and the keys integrated in my being.

In other words: to express in radical honesty what is living inside me.

When I contact my Yoni/ my Self through my Breath, my sense, my movement, my voice, my Paintings.. and let her express in that:

.. she is responding in ways that are revealing the deeper intelligence of what is now.

One of my favourite ways of connecting and expressing is by Painting with my Blood:

Learn more about the beautiful&powerful Moonflow Ritual




I deeply honor the pictures coming alive through me in a deep awe of the Essence in them.. showing that which lies behind the normal realms of daily perception.. and yet being part of us and all as everything.

My language is the language of the inner body. I feel home there.
Seeing with all senses. With the Intuition. That’s a language we all can speak! It’s our bodies language.

Your wisdom will talk to you and guide you on your way of deeper living.  As this body and as your Soul and beyond▽

..from the place where everything is born, where Life is created, where our Power is rooted, where our Essence merges with what we are.

Move through some of those magical expressions of the inner landscape