Womb Harmony Session

Womb Harmony Session

Wonderful Woman

The Power which creates Life is within you.

In your sacred Yoni, you have access to the deep knowledge of being Woman.
Birth, Death, Creation and Life itself arise in you.
Every month, you go through the cycle of Life.
This Session will support you to connect with your innermost harmony and balance.
To be able to live YOUR WAY from your Center: powerful, honest and connected

A Womb Harmony Session can gift you by:
supporting your powerplace, especially before and after pregnancy, in PMS, menopause, menstrual disorders, imbalance etc.
strengthening and activating your self-healing powers and your inner knowledge
re-connecting with you in the depths to live your wholeness
balancing you for your way
honoring yourself with Compassion and Love
creating a room where all is welcome
meeting yourself
nourishing and fulfilling you
being in a held space of Presence
contact with the Earth and – your – nature
relaxing in and into you


In this wonderful Session, which I love deeply, you will be met exactly where you are.

We will open a space to look at and feel what you really need right now. Life is so beautifully reflecting everything that is rooted in our Yonispace and in us , so we will make room to get in touch with this by carefully connecting and listening.
I support you intuitively and we will do a MEDITATION TO CONNECT you with your Yoni and your womb.
By entering the Flow we will just BE with everything that shows up.
The informations and knowledge that you need are already here and in you, so we will open ourselves to receive them.

We might also use sounds, oils, energy and body work, conscious touch, cleaning your energy field, Felt Sense, creative self-expression like movement,  Hypnotherapy or Breathwork if this is needed for you.

The main focus in this session with me is on that what you need now and to support your Yoni and Womb with the wonderful plant power.

You will get a very relaxing and supporting HERBAL WOMB COMPRESS that is deeply nurturing and balancing your self-healing powers.
The Compress is made of four wonderful medicinal herbs that I will prepare and adjust individually for you .. depending on what you need and which impulse I get.

The plants spirits are very supportive. I’ll tell you more about these powerful helpers during the Session if you wish to.

When we understand that all Life is created in our sacred Yoni and everything in Life reflects her .. then we can begin to heal more deeply .. by truly and lovingly meeting ourselves. Everything is already in us.





90 min — 80 Euro


60 min — 80 Euro
* 65 Euro for those with low income (First and following ones)


3 Sessions , individually with your Moonflow
(90min, 60min, 60min)
180 Euro
* 145 Euro for those with low income

PLACE: BERLIN currently.. other Citys possible when announced
It is possible to make the Session at your home during pregnancy or postpartum