The ONE thing that we truely need

The ONE thing that we truely need

This year I went through such a massive process of destruction, Trauma and pain. Standing really without any ground..inside and outside..all that had been my Life was just gone.
A baby, my partner, a home, friends, all my money, family and soulfamily, plans, future..just everything!

What this made with me? Well.. I was in shock for couple of weeks , completely in Trauma, then just in Pain, in surviving mode, in wanting to die, in complete blackness..all of it!

I know that
people in such a process Just need real Presence! If they need something then its a warm compassionate Presence!

They DONT need to be told to take responsibility or that they are stuck and identified or that they are sick and they need to get their life’s together, even not that all is going to be good again..they don’t need to be told anything!! They DONT need to change.

There is nothing wrong with those human feelings.

I learned that many people get triggered in their own feelings by such a process and that it’s really deeply valuable if one is able to be present in a moment of bottom-line Trauma.
Yet it’s extremely rare.

Lifting each other up and holding space for each other then becomes like an empty phrase somehow.
But such a process can happen to everyone. At anytime!! Everyone!

So by then making those feelings wrong – is like denying humanity.
There is nothing wrong with sadness or heartbreak or Trauma or identification or victimhood or whatever it might be♡
It’s part of the process.
And those parts just need Love. and being with people really rooted in Love.. it becomes more easy for the over stimulated nervous system to regulate itself. To find the anchor in itself again. That is true healing. Mirroring Love.