MEET your UNIQUE BEAUTY♥ for new Souls, Creations and deeper Touch❣︎

Working with your Energy will create a beautiful, unique expression of yourself.

In a Session with me, we simply make room for your deep relaxation::: which you will benefit from – on all levels. It opens and smoothes your nervous system and your body:mind:spirit and so influences your whole Life.

If you feel like it, we will also look deeply into the areas where you are stuck in your Life and work with words, somatic touch, different healing techniques and your body to release blocks.

I will tune into your Energy and/or the Energy of your Baby and intuitively create an Artpiece of yourself, of your Baby – on your Body.


❣︎GIVES you space

❣︎HELPS to relax and feel –  so you can meet & release blockages and fears

❣︎SUPPORTS you to connect with your body, which is a safe and stable space to connect with places you are stuck in with your Life

❣︎OPENS you to be deeply touched

❣︎CREATES your individual Energy or the Energy of your Baby on your Body

“Dear Juli . It was so beautiful and deeply relaxing with you last week. I am happy we made the Belly Soulpainting then – as our Baby is already here now. It was such a beautiful experience in my pregnancy and I felt very supported and held. Thank you so much.” Anna Boyn/ 40. WoP

We will bring awareness and lovingly attention to your body and all that is in you.

Soulpainting is a way to touch deepest layers of your Being.


Let me touch you to show you your beauty in whatever form it appears.

Art in this way is the language and canvas of my own very deep soul. It is connected with the potential of my very unique intuitive qualities of empathy, feeling, touch and communication on a bodily and energetic level. So my work is grounded in our human need for connection and the powerful capacity for our self-healing. In connecting with our basic trust, indulging into the natural flow, looking at you and feeling you is the opening of a healing room I invite you to tap in with me!

 This is the beauty of the process where we dive into a communication with and without words.



Your Investment:

Soulpainting Session

– 60 min : 50 Euro

– 90 min: 75 Euro ( recommended in Pregnancy )

∗40 Euro reduced for 60 min

— short one-to-one conversation included


As I work with your Energies during the Session .. the Process is open.. and if needed  a Transformation Session will be added in agreement.