the Woman


This is a space where my truest inner Self is showing its shadows and lights.

Creating is the outer canvas for what I really am.

Through these expressions comes Truth and Healing.

Transforming this is a part of everyones journey.

Following my heart I share my deepest Self.

We all are part of this journey and every aspect and feeling, every situation or emotion, every wish and every wounding and brokenness in you is also in me.

All I create is coming through me. It is intuitively creating itself. So it is expression of Love.

This Love is the full potential. And it wants you to recognize in yourSelf .

In every resonance you get from the Creations, there is a part in you, recognizing itself. That is Transformation.

I want you to see the wonder of Life. And to unfold your inner Beauty. Because you already are the most beautiful and Divine Creation.

You are Love. And this is is what these Creations are for.


Creations Gallery


So wonderful you are here. You are invited to feel into everything you find here and to see if it resonates in you.

What you will find here has come out of or has created itself through me, while me being as quiet as possible, letting LIFE create itself. You could also say that its  like God creating Herself into form. So you can find a direct transmission of this innermost mystery of Life into every each artpiece you can find here.

growing flowers out of our darkness

There is a deep Truth in every piece that was created, as every feeling and process of dropping through them manifests into them. Its like my deepest Soul AND God coming together to play on Canvas.

I love to offer you some of these paintings, for letting the deep frequency of Life work within your own field and supporting you in your very own processes. Making space for the pure energy of Life as Love brings healing into every area and place in your own body and space, where it is needed.

And I deeply love to support you by sharing what has come through me to BE in this world.

Thank you for BEing here. Enjoy the journey through the expressions of my Heart and Being. And so the expressions of you, of all of us in a way.