Soulart Graphics for your Heart&Soul Business


You know what? I deeply honor you, bringing your gift into this world.

I deeply know which feelings can arise if we dare to show up… and what courage it takes!

What I learned is, that we can support us by empowering each other and collaborating with our different natural talents. As we are all needed into this world with our unique gifts and Soulsparcs.

Last year I discovered so much Joy in myself while creating Graphics and Flyers for my own Offerings.. I was sitting there.. Playing with all kind of different techniques and paintings and Designtools.. for days and days.. forgetting all around me.. In the end I realized that the most fun of my complete Offering was to create the Graphic and the Flyer..

So I kept exploring and playing.. always with a heart full of excitement when discovering new Tools or Ideas..

And the final results showed up as the Blueprints of the original Offer.. carrying the Energy and transmitting the Essence of the Intention.

Like all my Soulart, this work is arising from that place of being very silent and letting my intuition guide the expression. It happens in a very playful way.. sometimes I directly get images when tuning into a project.. sometimes I see shapes and symbols or colors when I start.. and sometimes I just have a feeling and put this into expression until I find the exact feeling resonating in me by watching the Creation.

Through my powerful Intuition and together with my beautiful gifts of seeing and sensing the world in pictures.. I have those wonderful Tools to tune into your Offers and create a Design for you which reflects and shows the Essence of yourself – in your product.

Explore some of the Magic  :::


and some Logo Samples:

↑If you scroll to the top you will also find one of my dearest Creations in this Area..↑

What SoulClients say:

“Oh dear July, the flyers transport an energy that builds on my qualities, and they have an energy that really captures, strengthens, and brings me into my power .. regarding my Offering. And I want to tell you that I have the feeling that this is your strength and gift or your magic –  that you recognize and feel people and then turn that into Art projects or creative things. I’m really touched and I’m very happy. ” Silke Ernst- Coaching


” So much Love and gratitude to Amala Juli from, who was the Creationqueen for my Logo… the best Soul I could imagine to make it… with so much Intuition and Love.” Andrea Sada Nama Kaur – Anahata Vihara

What you will get:

My favorite thing to play with are Graphics and Designs for Events, Projects, Offerings in all kind of formats and sizes

— for Online and Social Media Appearance (like your website, Headers for Facebook, Newsletter, Online Courses…) or for Flyers to bring your Love to your local scene..

The other favorite thing is to create a Logo for you… for your (personal) Brand.

If you are interested in having such a wonderful Creation for your Heart and Soulgift ..

CONTACT ME and we will talk about what you are doing, what you want to bring into form, where I can support you and also if you already have some ideas you want to put into Creation with me. I can also support you in finding a format that aligns with your Offer and Service.

I would love to support you – shining your light into the world!