Your Unique Soulpainting Transmission

I so love to create your very unique and personal Soulart Transmission by tuning into  and sensing your being.

Whatever shows up in me will be expressed.

This creates a direct channel to the deeper wisdom of Life and the Energy of higher Self, which shows and talks a language that can support the process of meeting layers of your being which you have not been able to access before.

The images of our Souls are very powerful guides and simply reveal more of what we often cant see through our layers of conditioning or wounding playing out.

This great gift is offered through my paintings. And by opening into their Energy, their language, you can get a direct access into places that are able to transmit healing to your body, mind and Soul.

It will simply be a beautiful expression of your individual Energy and your sweet Heart.

As I am working completely intuitive, I never know what will come alive. So its a magical process and your wonderful Artpiece could be a drawing, a created graphic, a picture, a mixture of all or maybe some words..

Its exciting to witness you through the Artprocess and after sending you your unique Soulpainting, there will be the opportunity to reflect and explore with me, what has been showing up. I will send you a voice message via Whatsapp, sharing what I could feel during the Process. This can be an additional impulse for your current Situation and a possibility for you to ignite Presence and Change. ♥

Let your Soul shine.

You can CONTACT ME for questions or directly order your Individual Soulart Transmission HERE.



60 Euro incl. shipping

68 Euro incl. shipping and a simple white or wooden Frame

What to EXPECT:

You can expect a channeled Artpiece .. which will be intuitively created..

.. which means.. it could be a Painting, a Picture, a Graphic, Photoart… plain or with Words.. sentences.. whatever I will get when tuning into your Energy.



.. this process can take between a few days .. up to two weeks.. 

.. I will let you know when I have finished and your Soulart is on the journey to you.

It will mostly be in a size up to A4.. not smaller than A5 AND you can choose to have a frame with it.