Soulart Transmission

What is a Soulart Transmission?

Soulart has come out of or has created itself through me – by letting Life create naturally.  I could also say that it is  like God (the Universe..Life..Love..higher Self..whatever you name it..) is creating Herself into form. So what you can find into every Artpiece is a direct Transmission of this innermost Mystery of Life.

All Creations are coming alive in a process of letting go into Silence in me. Painting without any effort. This reveals insights of the present moment and carries the deeper Wisdom of what is here. So the expressions can initiate Truth and Healing in you –  by transmitting their specific Energy into your field.

They support you on your own journey of Transformation through all aspects of Life.. whenever you find resonance in them. As your beautiful being understands the language and keys of Wisdom and Love that are integrated in the Soulart. By recognizing .. feeling resonance.. the keys are available to initiate change on many levels.

In every resonance you get from the Creations, there is a part in you, recognizing itself. This is Transformation.


I love to offer you some of these paintings, so the deep frequency of Life can work within your own field and support you in your very own process. Making space for the pure energy of Life as Creative Expression, is a wonderful process which will bring healing into every area and place in you – wherever it is needed.


I deeply love to support you by sharing what has come through me to BE in this world. To inspire you.

For me, Soulart is an expression of Love. And this is what I want you to remember:



You are Love.d

And this is is what these Creations are for ♥

To feel and dive and receive more of my Creations.. you can plunge into my Life Art Gallery

If your heart is calling to gift yourself with the beautiful Vibration of SoulArt and you feel a resonance in you ..
Trust yourself ..
as your body knows what he/she needs..
you can find and order a Soulpainting Transmission in my Shop
// let yourself move and feel through my Creations Gallery//