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Wisdom of Life ::: Intuitive Carddeck


Soul Guidance from the wild divine journey of human Life

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About this Carddeck

For those with a wild and compassionate, truthful heart.

For those having the courage to walk a path of transformation. Those who take the risk to live Love far away from convention. For those who choose Love above Fear.
It is for those that embrace the full darkness and the full light.
This Deck is to be with you, to remember you.

This Deck is for you.
On this wild divine journey of human Life. Remember:

All is within you.


This Carddeck came to Life after having grown in me for two years. Grown in the dark soil of my own unfolding into Life.

It is an outer expression of what has been moving me. All the Artworks came alive while being in deep Transformation.

It is a Deck full of Beauty, Love and the deep Wisdom I received through my own journey.

A wisdom that is unfolding by moving into and through those deep places in us. A Deck that is holding the keys and Frequency of transforming and embracing everything we meet in the deepest Love.

This Deck is to support you with those Frequencies that are resonating in the moment of now. It is to find Truth and to remember and feel THAT what is already in you.

Connecting with the Intuition and the Essence of your situation from a place of inner and higher wisdom.

This Deck is a visual expression of the inner landscape and wisdom of Life.

As I belong the Earth – so they do. And so they belong to you.
To reach you, to touch you, to move you, to break you, to heal you.

Thank you for opening yourself to the wisdom and unique Beauty which has been born into this form.

My heart is full of Joy that it is now here to  find a way to YOU!


Artwork: Amala Juli

Guidebook and messages: Amala Juli

Working with this Carddeck

This Deck works with Intention and Intuition.
You can pull a Card and whenever you feel like.
Randomly or with an Intention to a situation or question.
Work with this deck in whatever way feels best for you.
You could create an altar with some cards, or place crystals on them. Or you want to use it for readings.

I invite you to be creative with this deck. There is no right or wrong.

This is from Love. This is Love. This is for you.

You will receive:
  • one Carddeck with 31 Cards – 65×65 mm size –
  • my handprinted organic linen sac for the Cards
  • one Softcover Guidebook
  • all the Love and Magic that I put into those Heartpieces



I am producing this Decks and books by Order.. so it can take a little while as you receive yours, when I have to backorder.  I will let you know if this is the Case.

Heartfelt Thank YOU for your Patience and Support! Much Love