People about Amala

I very much appreciate Juli’s honesty, truthfulness, the openness to let the divine power flow through her , her Presence, the openness to re-encounter each moment, and to kindly embrace all that is, the sensitivity to let go when it’s time to let go. I appreciate her naturalness and much more. When I’m with Juli, I feel safe and I can feel the appreciation and uniqueness for me and the moment intensely. I feel like you see me as I am. – Mona Althaus- Berlin


” Being with Amala means being in a very special space. Naturally arises an energetic atmosphere in which everything is welcome. Nothing excluded. I have rarely met this before. It opens places of hidden fears, longings and Amala guides you all the way to come closer to yourself. She is able to feel and touch you in a very special way. It is all about openness, love and so much more.. very clear and full of Truth. These meetings are about why we are here. In deep love.” – Luzie Rehbein – Hamburg


I love your art; you are not making art.. you are Art! 🦋 – Anette Lohr


You have this beautiful calm Energy. I love your Presence which feels very healing, the space you hold, your connection with the Feminine, your beautiful, wise, knowing energy – so I can find in my own Center when being with you. There is this inner and outer beauty in you and this creative, birthing Energy, like a Doula. – Andrea

To work and be accompanied by you or to be held – do not know exactly how I should call it – was (or is!) like having a Soul midwife or a guardian angel with me. Such a strong support , especially because you have not intervened , but were “simply” unconditionally loving and have encouraged my system to take its natural leadership. With gentleness, powerful presence, and trust. You helped me through the pains and contractions of a spiritual death and rebirth. I do not know how else I would have moved through. I remain infinitely grateful to you and your deep-quiet trust. ❤Susanah Stoessel – Berlin

I so appreciate your honesty, your Love and Pureness. A brave warrior.

Being Woman – that is what I see and feel in you – on a level, that is so rare. Your Being encourages me and I feel a Silence and calmness in me, just knowing your are here. – anonymous

Three words: Tenderness, Wideness, Warmth! I feel seen with you and I understand that everything has its place. Your deep Empathy and Understanding support me on my way of deeply living. – anonymous

Knowing you and your way – I feel courage for walking my own way. Including everything.- anonymous

I love your knowledge of the world and of yourself as Nature and Human being. Your warmth and peace. That you  listen deeply and never judge. You do not take the world as it is, but you create your own legitimacy. A bit like Pipi Langstrumpf maybe. You are one of the few people radiating a sense of freedom and ease without taking it easy. As an animal, you would be a mixture between a cat on a roof and a colorful bird that is at home in a beautiful flower. – Like a cozy sun cat on the roof watching everything from above and the small colorful bird that makes the world as it pleases him and flies where it is beautiful. – Susanne Hütter – Cologne

I feel the old Wisdom in you, the Connection to the Earth through your Feminine Power. There is this Tenderness, a golden Heart and this wideness. And this Silence. A warm Silence. Motherwombsilence. – Susa Girndt – Hamburg

Your deep and calm Frequency makes me feel held. And I also love your playfulness, the giggling, the dreaming – enchanting me to feel Trust, Acceptance and Safety when going into resonance with your Vibes. – Kathrin Aschermann – Hamburg