Holy Wisdom – Moonflow Art Ritual

Holy Wisdom – Moonflow Art Ritual

If you are a Woman and you are bleeding




Entering into the sacred space of Creation with your holy Moonblood opens a very powerful space for your deepest expressions.

If you feel the calling then follow your flow and let your innermost and intimate part of being express on outer canvas.
It is so beautiful to get in touch with yourself so closely


if you don’t feel like painting with your blood


Making a little Ceremony and saying thanks to the Earth while giving your blood to her is also a way to honor and celebrate ourselves and Her.

▽♡ #moondays



I am about to create a really beautiful Ritual for you,

where you can enter and connect to your deep wisdom and

sacred space while bleeding.

It will be fully available Online for you.. so you are able to do it for yourself and in the sacred and safe space of your home.

You will create a unique and powerful Artpiece with your blood while in

the space of Ritual – the space where the veils between the worlds are opening

and Guidance and inner Knowing is fully available.

You will tap into the creative and transformational Capacity of

the most holy expression of yourself, of Life itself.

This journey will create a deep Connection with


Opening a space for your unfolding as WOMAN.

You can stay in touch with me here: so I can let you know when this amazing Offering is ready to enter the world.

.. ready to support you on your journey as Woman. The journey to your Roots and your Essence.

I am so excited and deeply happy for it to be birthed soon.