Embracing My Life

Embracing My Life

This whole Life is the Journey! Lets dare to embrace it all!


.. a Journey of meeting, exploring and transforming myself..

… a Journey into Wholeness and into what I deeply am.

… a Journey of Love and Life unfolding in and through me.

:::Every step is bringing you closer to yourself:::


I am a Life and Transformation Artist on all levels of being. In me is this depth, this ocean, this feminine, beautiful Energy .. what people tell me reminds them of the womb. And there is also something very playful, enchanting, light, giggling in me.  Expressing myself and my gifts with Soulart, by sharing my own way and the keys I have integrated, by supporting people in 1:1 Sessions and facilitating workshops are some of the things I am doing right now. As I find myself constantly changing, it is a continuous process of unfolding, where I never know what Life is calling me next. I have been working in so many areas in my Life already – which has taught me a huge spectrum of knowledge and experience. Yet my main focus is to do and find what I love. To bring the expression of my deepest Self to the Earth. What I experience is that I more and more have no idea about most things. Yet a deep wisdom is present in whatever I am doing.

This is what I have to offer. And what naturally arises when I am working with people is  a very soft, calm, healing Presence in which everything is allowed to be present. Living  and embodying Authenticity and Truth – I am meeting every moment anew. There is a very fine sense and a deep connection with my intuitive perception in me.  My path is devoted to Life- the unfolding of the connection of the timeless Knowledge and the Power and Wholeness of the Embodied Woman. I just follow my heart and the unfolding of Life- flowing and moving through all ups and downs, storms and waves. Free and genuine. In devotion to the Earth.

With the natural cycle of our nature, I am constantly reborn – courageously – into deeper layers of my Essence and my own individual being. Moving through all those Transformations in a real depth, tenderness and wideness –

Amala means: The one who sees the Purity of God(dess) everywhere. And pure, bright, shining and clear. Being also ready to overcome impurities and see beyond the mistakes of others. Amala is bringing Healing. Amala ( or Amla)  is also a special fruit, namely the one that leads to the purity –  that is used for cleaning.

This name has come to me several years ago, when I tried to connect with my Guardian Angel and every night asked to reveal his/her name.. One night I heard the word : Amala.. a few times.. so I thought it to be my Angel..

A few years later, while I was starting to share a little of my work, in a meditation, I remembered the word Amala and feeling into its Energy.. it was exactly the same vibration as I could feel in me.. So I asked what this would mean.. and the answer was: Its yours. — So I started to integrate this into my Life — as my Artists Name first and also as my given name. It feels deeply resonating now whenever I feel into.

For me, every step is wisdom and depth. To learn to move from there, to work and to heal – to live from there – is my way.

Herein lies a huge key which helps people to discover themselves and to lovingly connect with the wonderful intelligence of the body. I love to empower you to have the courage to go into your depth. I love to be present with you, so you can show and meet yourself openly and so drop in deep contact with you and all that is standing in the way of your Full Freedom.  By being real, vulnerable, open and caring. It is not an easy way and I dont know how often I wanted to give up. Yet there is no way back from living truly and fully!

My special ability to be absolutely present opens a space for you to see your self more clearly and loving.

I want you to  almost feel like coming home and my gift of  radiating a warmth and safety, makes you feel in a space of Love. In doing so, there can open deep spaces and touch.. mirroring you in Love what is here now.. and in awe to what you are. For you, for me, for us to bring Love and Healing to this world.

Every Woman who heals herself, helps to heal all the women who came before her, and all those who come after her.

11 little Life Facts:

Amala Juli..


movement, honesty, Trees!! to discover the wonder of Life in everything, to open sacred spaces, to creatively express Life, the mystic language..Intuition..of the body..the movement..of images, the sea, nature, eating with my hands, LupineCoffee with Cardamom, playing, green juices, honest connections, change ( sometimes not:)..) light colors, Crystal Stones, traveling, plants spirits, Tahin with Sourkraut, Fermented Foods, Essential Oils, Creating, sharing my journey, inspiring, Babys, the idea of a natural orgasmic birth, to lose myself in my thoughts, meeting people I secretly admire, to discover and disentangle wirings in me and in everything,

..is MOVED BY:

honesty, depth, reality, tenderness, vulnerability, Soulmusic, Nature, my Cycle, Children, Babies, mature Women and Men, people following their own way..whatever to go through, connecting with Trees, moments of Silence, working with all realms, making jokes about the struggles, my friends


deep Intuition and Sensitivity, warm and loving Presence, connection to many levels of being, creativity, Discipline, connection to nature, Compassion, Hands of Light, loyalty, immediately spotting things that dont fit, huge spectrum of talents


not being fully eaten from always feeling the utter depth and blackness of situations ( my Sun and some more Planets are in Scorpio) , and then also including the opposite way of light and greatness into myself. Empowering myself!– (thats a huge one), being my Boss and fully love myself as trusting in MY Power! allowing myself to be seen and to be successful and to just walk MY way, getting comfortable with being not comfortable


the Extremes of my feelings and my way of living, (Self) Powerstruggles, and all the above stuff


besides living me fully NOW:).. Dreams are changing a lot these days, but still:  living in Nature, empowering and supporting lots of people on their way into Freedom and Wholeness, connecting deeper with my sensual being and my pleasure through the body, facilitating Movement, moving abroad, fulfill my Souls Calling, reveal all of myself, create a beautiful place for living with Soulfamily- its a round Mandalahome — with a lot of wood and only natural material, having a lot of space for unfolding and creativity, traveling with a self-build Campervan, traveling to the Energyspots and places of ancient wisdom around the world,  working all over the world, making Retreats, Workshops and 1.1 Sessions everywhere while connecting with beautiful Souls, sharing Life and growing next to a beautiful man in an empowering, nourishing, relationship, accompanying two more children into their Life, living close to the sea 🙂


My Vision is for everyone finding the connection to themselves again and to live as the true and natural embodied Essence of what we are. And so to bring the deep healing to ourselves, humanity and the Earth.. in inter-connection and from a place of everyone being and living their full potential


fully arriving here to make sense of living ( core wound struggle),, letting go of all ideas, surrendering into what Life is offering me now, moving through  core wounds playing out, learning and connecting more with my animal body and the sensuous being I am, intuitive Dance and Embodiment Facilitation Training, discovering the WILD , to stay optimistic for next steps to come, working/ accompanying a beautiful child and her Soul during the journey of childhospice; —  basically getting my shit together:) and living anyways and to become more sustainable for myself in the material realms! means: money, work, living and building new fundaments from where to grow new… to be honest I just realize that I have no fucking clue:) about anything and to admit it feels so small and vulnerable that I try to cover it as good as I can


atm its a lot about failure, being wrong, losing control and staying small.. fear of not getting it.. not being seen, and getting in trouble when being true and of being left alone for the rest of my life, abandoned and just not getting it


unfolding fully into my Freedom, Balance, allowing myself to be so fully here that I even can allow myself to feel what I really long for


my body loves to repeat meals.. so sometimes I just eat Raisins with Oatmilk for four days.. then only Sourkraut with Tahin the next five days… i love my Oracle Decks and I often get fully lost in them when I cant let go and want to find the answer in them until I find it fitting to my need:).. all my clothes are in light colours or natural Earth colours. I cant wear black. i love cycling and diving, and splashing in the water, sometimes I am laughing like an old witch, I get a lot of signs from animals and beings and things around, i love golden rings, mostly I know what people feel before they know, which sometimes also scares me


grown up in South Germany with my Mom and younger sister

moved to a boarding school with 12

became a Dressmaker after finishing school

studied Law

became a Lawyer with honors

worked at the Criminal District Court

quit my job and started to follow my inner Calling

many journeys to India and Nepal and Asia and Africa initiated my own journey of Wholeness when I still was a Lawyer

(own) studies of ancient traditions like Shamanism, Sufism, Tantra, Tibetan Buddhism and modern Teachings of Integration, Traumawork, Human Wholeness, Embodiment and Earth-based Spirituality and Yoga

Teachings, Teachers and Keys I am deeply grateful to have been receiving and still receive are Aisha Salem and Mateo Tabatabai and LIFE itself



//Silent Meditation

//Focusing & Felt Sense

//(Shamanic) Breathwork

//Somatic Bodywork – Psychoenergetic Body and Processwork

//Art Therapy and Creative Self- Expression

//Intuitive Dance and Movement

//Trance Dance in Therapeutical Context

//Traumasensitive Bodywork

//Energy Healing

//Heart based / Woman Coaching

//Intuitive Dance Facilitator


background information:

My work is deeply Intuitive and stems from the Connection to Presence and the Informations in the Field and in the Body.. yet there are parts that deeply resonate with Approaches like SE, NARM, Grinberg, Pantarei, Reiki and some more..



Be so completely yourself that anyone else feels safe to be themselves too. -Earthmamamedicine





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