Transformation Session

Transformation Session

This Session is a free container for the exploration and support your whole System needs right now.
Would you like to come back to your Self and turn to the places in your Life where you feel stuck?

It is an essential step to become aware of yourself. In all faces. To touch and to be touched.
If we start looking, then something in us can become whole.
In the depths of your being and in your honesty lies the key to deep healing.

I support you in connecting with the parts in you that are waiting to be lovingly accepted and integrated in your being.

In this process, I support you in a protected, sensitive, loving space to look at what wants to be transformed on your way and your process of unfolding NOW. What YOU really need for walking your Lifes path right now.

(ALL Basics and Infos about such a Session:  read here)


First Session will be 90 min

Following Sessions 60 min

Place: currently Berlin – also in different Cities when announced ( Leipzig and Hamburg mostly )

Investment :

First Session – 90 min:  60 Euro

Following Session –  60 min: 60 Euro

∞ 45 Euro reduced



4 SESSIONS ( 90, 60, 60 , 60 min.) one or bi-weekly – 220 Euro total

∞ 200 Euro reduced



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You are so welcome!