Intuitive Life Guidance

Intuitive Life Guidance

We find many answers to the many questions of our lives in ourselves, in conscious being, in rest and in our own power. By accepting everything that is, and dealing with the present moment  we come closer to the answers step by step – and thus to the goals in the various spheres of life.

This Session is mostly focused on the Exploration of Yourself – a room to find Clarity and Connection to your inner Resources – on your way as a free, connected and whole Human // Woman here on Earth.

A Life Guidance or Woman Coaching Session accompanies you, on your way to yourself and helps you to stay attentive, to keep the focus and it also gives you different new perspectives and Impulses for your individual way through challenges and turning points in your Life. In individual Sessions, you will receive generous space for discovering your potential, for self-re-creation and your own, exact formulation of your heart’s desires. Its a room for inner growth. Which is a important step towards outer growth.

If there is this Calling in YOU to

♥live the raw beauty of being YOU: a unique human

♥master your Lifes challenges in an honest and transformative, liberating and creative way

♥ move with Presence and Love and the guidance from your innate intimate wisdom and intuition

♥ shine as you are and what you are – now

♥find home in yourself

♥surrender and trust into Life

♥soften into your body and into your wombspace

♥authentically express and share yourself

♥meet and embrace your shadows – to transform and grow from there

♥rise through challenges and creatively discover suffering , shadows and Trauma as Gold

… this can be a beautiful opportunity to follow and create space to explore deeper.

I will support you with my Presence and the Guidance through my Intuition.. offering you Impulses I receive.

This can happen while we meet .. and also between or before or after a Session .. then I will write you an Email with the Impulses I received for you and I will be there for further Contemplation and Support via Whatsapp or Email.

You will then be able to tune into those and see and feel what is resonating in you.. what holds potential for your own Journey of Growth.. as all will just be an Offering .. where YOU decide and explore what really vibrates in you and supports you on gaining insights and clarity for your beautiful journey.

If we work in Person, Holistic and Somatic Approaches might be supportive as well.




>Exploring the Callings (see above ) arising in you

>Finding new Perspectives in all areas of your Life,

>Moving through challenging Situations in a held and supportive container

>WOMAN COACHING:::Exploring all Topics of living as a mature independent Woman

— body, sexuality, intimacy, relationship, selfcare, selfresponsibility, pregnancy, birth, work, business, connection to Spirit and Earth, Awakening, …

>Exploring areas of your Life where you feel you wanna grow

>Exploring the Awakening and Embodiment as Woman on Earth

It is about discovering new possibilities in you to invite change in your Life. At your pace and how it feels good for you.
Conflicts and Struggle are a natural part of life and can be turning points for personal growth. In certain situations it is helpful to look for support and guidance and to accept it. Someone who stands by you and encourages you.
I will listen and be with you with my full heart and deep Compassion.



This Session is  available IN-PERSON and ONLINE —

where we will meet online via Skype or Zoom

First Session: 90 min – 60 Euro

Following Session: 60 min – 60 Euro

∞reduced 40 Euro .. both

Transformation Cycle:

4 Sessions in 4 weeks  – one 60 min Session each week – Whatsapp  support / check-in once a week between the Sessions : 230 Euro

∞ reduced 200 Euro



Email and Whatsapp Support between Sessions