Embracing (our) Nature

Embracing (our) Nature

How good it is to rest my whole being into the holding soft embrace of Nature.

To let myself deeply sink into her loving warmth.

I love this tree.
She is really OLD and wise.
When I was there, I told her that I wanna be-come like her. Just standing in my silent deep beautiful natural wisdom. And she told me that I still AM.. touching my heart deeply.

How do you connect with (your) Nature?

I love how the Universe/everything around is communicating with me, when I listen enough. Sometimes I can’t hear and I don’t see. I use-d to judge myself for this .. but a beautiful soul told me last week when I simply couldn’t see ,that if we are not able to see, there are ,others’ to help us seeing. This opened my heart deeper.

It just feels so important to me to BE there for each other with our loving presence when our humans are dropping into deeper feelings and emotions. There is always a need for You to hold yourSelf in deeper Love right there. AND I just felt the healing supportive force to be held in a mirror of present Love through an- other in this dropping.
As in no one needs to be al-one in this. 💕