Being it ALL

Being it ALL

What if I can just be ALL of it?! I notice this structure in me..trying to hold onto something..a thread..a someone else is doing I used to do it yesterday,a week ago..even one minute ago..what this used to mean back then..what could happen because it happens before..what sign this might be as it once was before.. one part is trying to protect me in this way..a part I feel much appreciation for..once serving me to survive.. ..yet my being is yearning for her Freedom..
..the Freedom of just being ME. ..of full Love in every moment.
Nothing more or less.

And I feel this tender stretching into the room , the allowing myself to be as it ALL.

to just not know and to stretch beyond the old expectations, to explore to go into what might happen or what should be right or be done or whatever.. not pushing me hardly.. but carefully moving across the edges. In my pace.
There might be Life/Love waiting behind.

Thanks to those inspiring me and supporting me on this journey.
What a beautiful gift.

Letting this inner part slowly unfold into the full Space and into its full Beauty. Like opening wings. Or like a fern that rolls up into its full size.

Creative AND efficient
Silent AND communicative
In me AND outside
alone AND connected
In a city AND in nature
Holding onto someone AND letting go
grounded AND flying
Emotional AND sober
On my own AND together
Connected AND defining
Holding AND held
Child AND grown-up
Fast AND slow
stuck AND free
spiritual AND normal πŸ™‚
deep AND playful
Innocent AND mature
broken AND whole
Human AND divine
Soul AND body
Open vulnerable AND clear with boundaries

big Capital letters AND Small ones😁
Just to name a few..
All at once and ALWAYS NEW!!!