1 on 1 with Me

How would it feel for you, if you could lovingly transform YOUR LIFE  by opening, meeting, exploring and EMBRACING your Blockages, Fears and Struggles right now – in a warm, honest and compassionate space?

To grow and transform into your full Potential. Living your natural Self . And to come home in yourself, in your body.

I am here to support you on your journey. 

Being open and honest with meeting what is happening in you right now .. is the first step of Transformation, the first step of a deeper (Self-) Love and the first step of Integration as Healing.

If we turn (back) to ourselves, we can find all answers within us and we can realize that in our Presence and loving Care lies one of the biggest keys to master any situation.. however good or bad or challenging it may seem.

In this Presence of meeting yourself here .. a deeper Trust, Integrity, Freedom and Love can emerge in you .. so you are able to walk your Lifes journey more grounded, relaxed, joyful and connected… which builds a baseline for your Flow of creating a Life as your heart and Soul are longing for.

I am offering you a safe, sensitive and care-full room to explore and transform.

My deepest gift is feeling you on many levels. With my very strong intuition I am able to tune into what you are feeling and what is moving in you and your whole Energyfield. This enables me to support and help you make sense of it in a sensitive and loving manner.

The unique power in me to pick up energy on an emotional and holistic level and to connect with the subconscious moves and guides the whole Process in every Session with me.

Guided from my Intuition and sensual knowing of where you are standing and what is moving in you now.. meeting you always new..

..is what makes every Session UNIQUE!

All my work and Sessions are based on a fundamental Commitment to self-responsibility and self-care. The framework is built on an understanding and experience of living and being in a world as a multidimensional human being and a sense of perception to openness for many levels and layers of Existence and the Magic of Life.

Meeting you always new and with an open heart and trusting into your natural capacity of self-healing power will be my deepest Intention for our coming together. So you can walk in what you know and realize – same as the wisdom of your whole system and body knows how to integrate and work with whatever is coming up for you.

If you are feeling a calling to work with me, then Trust yourself. Honoring our inner wisdom and following the Impulses we have is a courageous AND caring step. I honor you for that.

Sharing the keys I have integrated in me through my own journey is a deep gift and I would love to support , empower and inspire you to walk your own way in the deepest possible connection with yourself and Life.

Unfolding into the gift of being divinely human on Earth.

“The wonderful Amala Juli has put me into an incredibly deep relaxation and Trance with her loving and heartwarming nature. She took me on a journey to my inner self and showed me things that I could not see and feel by myself. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great experience ♥! – Katharina Faude, Berlin

“To work and be accompanied by you or to be held – do not know exactly how I should call it – was (or is!) like having a Soul midwife or a guardian angel with me. Such a strong support , especially because you have not intervened , but were “simply” unconditionally loving and have encouraged my system to take its natural leadership. With gentleness, powerful presence, and trust. You helped me through the pains and contractions of a death and rebirth cycle of my life. I do not know how else I would have moved through. I remain infinitely grateful to you and your deep-quiet trust.” ❤ Susanah Stoessel – Berlin

Here are some common topics to explore:

        Mind             ◊                     ◊            Spirit/Soul


Wholeness  °  Woman  °  Humanity  °  Divinity


  • Awareness as Body.Mind.Soul
  • Holisitc Living
  • Transforming Love-Intimacy-Relationships
  • Walking through challenging times & deep Transformationprocesses
  • Creative Self – Expression
  • Embodiment and Balance
  • Finding Clarity for your current situation
  • Showing up with your Hearts and Souls calling
  • Vulnerability, Tenderness and the Power of Honesty
  • Connecting with and Trusting your Intuition
  • Living your Lifes Mission
  • Transforming with our lovely body – Somatic Awareness
  • living as Woman:

– for example Cycle Awareness, Sexuality, childbirth, Wombhealing, Bodylove, Connection to Intuition, Nature and Wholeness, being a Mother, Selfcare

  • Process and Emotional work, Shadowwork, Motherwounding, Fatherwounding, Past Lives, Trauma, working through old Patterns and limiting Beliefs
  • Transforming through Spirituality and Awakening
  • Transforming through your Work and Business – your Purpose
  • Transforming through your Heart and Soul Way
  • Inner Child Work
  • Living in the Body and connected to Spirit and Earth
  • Mystery of Life


Darkness is one of my closest friends. The rich and warm soil for deep Transformation.


Fully tuning into where you are and what you need in every moment.. there is also a uniqueness in how I will work with you – for your highest benefit. I am here with my own experience and a lot of Tools I learned to support you the best I can. To give you a little overview here are some of my dearest Tools I found to be very helpful and love to work with if I feel it is beneficial:

  • Inner Child Work
  • Selflove
  • Body Awareness
  • Felt Sense
  • Presence and (Guided) Meditation
  • Bodyreading
  • Breathwork
  • Energyhealing
  • Somatic and Holistic Bodywork
  • Bioenergetics
  • Focusing
  • Traumasensitive Bodywork
  • Art Therapy
  • Psychoenergetic Bodytouch and Massage (deep tissue and Meridian, Reflexology, Triggerpoints)
  • Free and Intuitive Movement – experiential Flow
  • Constellation Work . Family Board.

and mostly:


Our Session:

I fully trust in you. And I can see the wholeness shining in you. You are perfect in this moment! This is where we start!
You are deeply welcome! To be as you are!

In our Meeting we will allow you to relax and create a space where you can fully be yourself , with all that is present in you now. This supports your whole system of body-mind-spirit to open gently. .. so that you can re-connect with Yourself, your Resources and the powerful self-healing capacity that is already in you. We will create a container where we look at what is most needed for you now. Meeting yourself deeper in such an authentic and loving way, will naturally create alignment with your Life Flow in all areas you long for more freedom and healing.

The deepest healing can appear if we let go of any effort and simply make room for a deep embrace of what is already here.

 “Being with Amala means being in a very special space. Naturally arises an energetic atmosphere in which everything is welcome. Nothing excluded. I have rarely met this before. It opens places of hidden fears, longings and Amala guides you all the way to come closer to yourself. She is able to feel and touch you in a very special way. It is all about openness, love and so much more.. very clear and full of Truth. These meetings are about why we are here. In deep love.” Luzie Rehbein, Hamburg

My Passion: Empowering You as WOMAN:

My deep gift and passion is to hold space and to empower you as a Woman to live a Life in deep Connection with your Essence and your Center. To grow through all challenges and to live your unique Human, Soul and Body Intelligence to truly and fully be yourself from a place of authentic freedom and connection with your inner wisdom.

Imagine this world with powerful, loving, connected, open, honest, caring, free, authentic, responsible, tender, mature Women….  Standing fully on their paths, leading the way into a New World. From deep within the Heart of Being.

This is my Vision.

This is the base in all my work.

To find out more about you being – Woman: Here are also my Woman Coaching and Life Guidance Offers to support you.

If you want more Information first just GET IN TOUCH . I offer 1:1 Sessions Online and In-Person in Berlin and different cities when announced.


You can always just book a Session and we will then see what will suite you the most in the present situation. If you already feel a calling to a specific Session then you can also book it directly..

For more Infos to specific Sessions check below.

Sessions with me:

1 : 1 Intuitive Holistic & Somatic Transformation Session

– In-Person  – – –  find out more

1 : 1 Life Guidance / Woman Empowerment Coaching

– In-Person & Online via Zoom or Skype – – –find out more

1 : 1 Womb Harmony Session

In-Person  – – – find out more

1 : 1 Soulpainting

In-Person – – – find out more

1 : 1 Energy and Constellation Session

In-Person – – – find out more