Constellation Session

Discover the Wisdom in your Life right now

Every System – like: your Family, your business situation, your inner parts, the connection between body and Soul, your relation to money, to your partner or to your inner Child, your current living situation.. – is a complex net of Energies in the Matrix field. They can for example reject or attract different Energies. Constellations help to discover the respective System and net of relations and show solutions. By setting up a system and consciously work with it in this way, a new Energy is entering the whole field, which is a big part of contributing to a solution or movement into change.. without having a concrete Intention or Impulse for next steps yet.

It is possible to access the “knowing field” of Positions, Elements and their relation and inter-connection with each other.

A Constellation Session will bring more light, clarity and awareness into your Life. So there can be changes into a more peaceful, joyful, alive and lighter living.



There are different ways of setting up a System. What I offer you is a way of specifically enter your System in a 1-on-1 Session.

As I work with Energies and also the support of beings and helpers around us.. The way I discovered to work is a very intuitive one. That means I just enter very open into a Session with you .. how we will move through our Session will then reveal itself step by step.

We will have a Conversation about the Theme or Topic your are bringing. If you are not sure yet, what it is exactly, then we will first feel into and discover what is really important for you now.

We will set up the System afterwards.

There are different opportunities to set it up ..  however I feel it is best for you:

I work with a Family Board, with a special Card Deck for Constellations with Angel Guidance and Angel Energy and simply with the room and objects in it. It could also be a mixture of all and it is also possible that I or you will enter the System as representatives.

In my experience, the process will come to a natural end and we will then see if further reflection will be needed for you.

You can fully trust into what shows in such a Session and the Field is working even after we end the Session. The Intelligence of our Lifes Net is so incredible. All Impulses and Movements we will feel and see are already working and changing during our Session.

If you are not sure yet, which Session will be best for you. You can just book a 1:1 Session with me and we will then find out together what will support you the best in your current situation.


First Session is 90 min

Following Sessions 60 min

Place: currently Berlin – also in other Cities when announced ( Leipzig and Hamburg mostly )

Investment : First Session – 90 min:  60 Euro

Following Sessions –  60 min: 60 Euro

∞ 45 Euro reduced


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